When many called for violence in the face of racism, MLK preached non-violence. See how his approach worked - influencing millions around the world...

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The Global Fragility Act, which aims to improve U.S. government efforts to prevent terrorism from taking root in developing countries around the world, is expected to become law after being included in the bipartisan appropriations package to fund the federal governmen...

The Global Fragility Act is set to go to the US Senate floor as a rare bipartisan Act. For the peacebuilding community, it could be a game-changer...

With many of the world's current conflicts attributed to divisions between faiths, can religion alternatively be used to foster peace?

Peacebuilder Abdullahi Isse Abdulle was killed in an al-Shabab attack in Somalia, but one of his final interviews reveals his poignant message for the world...

Hajara Suleiman fled religious violence in her village. Now, she is an example of a transformation happening for many women in Northern Nigeria...

Tarek Mulla was a software engineer in Syria before war forced him to flee, but a new relocation program has helped him fill a skilled labor gap in Australia...

In the wake of a hate-driven attacks in New Zealand and Sri Lanka this year, world leaders are asking: Can the next generation cure online hate speech?

"Unity, when we build it here, we believe that this unity will be taken back home to South Sudan..."

In a country wracked by corruption and war, people's trust in the post-conflict process of formalizing land ownership will be key in peacebuilding processes in Colombia, writes Nicholas Parkinson.

With global companies like Coca-Cola, Google, MTN and Skype operating in conflict zones around the world, we ask: Do big corporations have a peacebuilding role?

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Hear from experts and leaders in the peacebuilding field:
Strengthening the UN through parliamentary assembly

"...the United Nations has consistently failed to confront gross human rights violations, due to a lack of both will and power...It is time for another approach."

Andreas Bummel

Ordinary people making  extraordinary choices 

Noor Ghazi (Iraq)

"The peacebuilders in Iraq have been targeted by the militias, by the Iraqi government, by many different groups just because they're trying to promote peace..."

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