“We want our people to know that the virus has nothing to do with religion or tribe, it's simply a natural disaster or a global pandemic..."

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After Black Lives Matter protests erupted across the USA, it became clear that well-meaning platitudes won't cut it. Here's 10 quotes that tap into deeper work...

Communities in Kajuru, a region in north-west Nigeria, recently held peace talks despite COVID-19 challenges but are concerned about implementation...

As healthcare workers struggle to defeat COVID-19, South Sudan's youth fight a different battle — one against misinformation and hate speech. Their weapon of choice? Bicycles.

Dr Shu’aibu Shinkafi knew the risks he faced when he and his predominantly Muslim group recently traveled into the Christian-dominated Sabon Tasha...

As the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic grows, Peace Direct convened more than 450 peacebuilders from around the world to discuss how the crises affects them...

FIFA, the UN and World Health Organization (WHO) have joined forces to promote a #BeActive campaign, celebrating sport and peace during COVID-19...

From the long-term impact of school closures, to lessons from previous outbreaks, we take a look at how COVID-19 is playing out in conflict-affected nations.

While online ed tools, hangout apps and celebrity ‘Together at Home’ concerts have helped keep people connected, this can be a difficult time for peacebuilders...

The Global Fragility Act, which aims to improve U.S. government efforts to prevent terrorism from taking root in developing countries around the world, is expected to become law after being included in the bipartisan appropriations package to fund the federal governmen...

The Global Fragility Act is set to go to the US Senate floor as a rare bipartisan Act. For the peacebuilding community, it could be a game-changer...

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COVID-19 in 
Conflict Zones
A special analysis series, investigating how COVID-19 is impacting peacebuilding.
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Peace Update
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Hear from experts and leaders in the peacebuilding field:
Christian Cito Cirhigiri 
How can we support local peacebuilders during and beyond COVID-19?

"Despite the precariousness in these contexts, local peacebuilders have stepped up to support the already over-strained healthcare providers and are redefining responsive new ways to do peacebuilding in their communities ..."

Ordinary people making  extraordinary choices 
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Play for Peace (USA)

A virtual fundraising event this month across the US is aimed at supporting and connecting youth in conflict zones. Play for Peace has launched Level Up: Race for Humanity 2020, from September 1 to September 30, pivoting to meet COVID-19 restrictions.

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