Our Mission

International news today is driven by sensationalism. From conflict zones, we hear stories about killings, bombings and the views of violent extremists. This type of coverage tends to inflame passions and perpetuate negative stereotypes, fuelling distrust and violence. 

Peace News aims to present the other side – stories from conflict zones we often don’t hear. Our stories are about people taking risks for peace. We highlight the opinions of ordinary people who want non-violent solutions to their political differences. Our stories aren't always about shootings and explosions, but they do tell you stories from war zones that hopefully go some way towards building trust and reconciliation. 

Meet the team

Dr Babak Bahador

Dr Babak Bahador is the founder of Peace News. He is an Associate Research Professor at George Washington University in the USA. and a senior lecturer at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. He has taught and researched in the areas of media, peace and conflict, political communication and public diplomacy since 2006 and his publications include The CNN Effect in Action (Palgrave, 2007) and Politics and the Media (Pearson, 2013, co-edited). In recent years, his research has focused on media and peace-building and he is currently co-editing a book on this subject. 

Babak has also been an executive member of the International Communication (ICOMM) Section of the International Studies Association (ISA) from 2013–2017, serving as section Chair in 2015/16.

His passion for playing an active role in peace-building saw the creation of Peace News as a start-up media agency, launching early 2016.

Kate Roff

Kate Roff is the founding editor of Peace News. She has worked for several news agencies (in a variety of mediums) as a writer, reviewer, editor and researcher. While she has lived in many wonderful corners of the world, she always enjoys returning to her homeland, Australia.

Kate holds an MA in Political Science, Diploma of Education, and BA in Journalism and Cultural Studies. She contributed to Politics and the Media (2nd edition) and was a youth adviser to the US Ambassador to New Zealand.

She is passionate about media studies, specifically focusing on the industry’s role in politics, international relations, gender issues, conflict resolution, and peace-building.

Joe Powers

Joe is our helpful IT guy, and you wouldn't be reading this without him. When he's not changing the world one website at a time he can be found running a brewery in Michigan, and honing his professional photography skills at In-Situ Photography.

Bahadir Bitirim

Bahadir is a regular freelance video editor for Peace News, most of our recent videos are the result of his dedication.

Jeff Walsh

Jeff is one of Peace News' dedicated newsreaders.

Brandon Richardson

Brandon is one of Peace News' dedicated newsreaders.

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