Masoud Kafah

Masoud Kafah is a free journalist from Palestine. He has worked for several news network and agencies (such as GNN, P.N.M.P, and the Mithak Agency) as an editor, writer, and reporter. He has lived in Gaza Strip, where he

volunteered at charity organizations, such as Point of Change, and was one of the founders of Takatouf Cooperation Association.

Masoud holds an BA in Political Science and Media (Islamic University of Gaza). He believes in peace, and is particularly interested in Freedom of Speech and Human Rights issues. 

Peace News Network Contributor (Palestine)

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March 26, 2018

While the peace process between Israel and Palestine is often conducted at a state level, some groups are working with youth on the ground to build peace...

July 14, 2017

Peace News traveled to Gaza to find out how people view the conflict, and get their perspective on peace.

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