Kate Roff

Kate Roff is the founding editor of Peace News. She has worked for several news agencies and has an MA in Political Science (University of Canterbury), DipEd, and BA in Journalism and Cultural Studies (Curtin University of Technology). 


Teniola Ayoola

Teniola Ayoola is a journalism and mass communication student at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C.  She has also written for the Washington Informer and interned at the BBC News bureaus in Washington, D.C. and Lagos, Nigeria.


Paul Cochrane

Paul Cochrane is an independent journalist based in Beirut, where he has lived since 2002. He covers the Middle East and Central Asia for specialized publications, business magazines and newspapers. Paul holds a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from the American University of Beirut.


Olga Dolinina

Olga is a trained journalist and peacebuilding expert in Ukraine. She founded Break The Ice, a hockey-based NGO supporting children displaced by the conflict. Olga has also worked participated in the Global Sports Mentoring Program, and contributed to Peace Insight.


Mohammed Ibrahim

Mohammed is a multimedia  freelance journalist in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He graduated from the International Institute of Journalism Abuja. In 2016 Mohammed received the Courage in Journalism Award for his investigative reporting, from the Africa Media Development Foundation.


Masoud Kafah

Masoud Kafah is a freelance journalist from Palestine. He has worked for several news agencies and holds a BA in Political Science and Media (Islamic University of Gaza). He has also lived i the Gaza Strip, where he volunteered for several charity organizations.


Mustafa Nader

​Mustafa Nader is a photographer from Baghdad. Since 2010,  Mustafa has worked as a reporter, photojournalist, and content director, for several media agencies and is passionate about presenting a different side of his homeland to the world.


John Oryang

John Oryang is a South Sudanese graduate of UMCAT School of Journalism, and is based in Uganda. He has previously worked as a TV news producer and has reported for Thomson Reuters and other broadcasters around the globe. 


Ruby Pratka

Ruby Irene Pratka is a US-born, Montreal-based freelance writer and editor. Her work has been published in English and French in Vice Québec, HuffPost Québec, Ricochet, Xtra, Shareable, Canadaland and she holds an MA in Public Communication (Université Laval). 


Brandon Richardson

Brandon is a freelance news anchor and independent filmmaker and actor, based in the mid-western United States. Brandon has a B.S. in Computer Information Systems (DeVry University) and a background in software development.


Geoff Walsh

Geoff Walsh is a freelance news reader for Peace News Network. He lives in Canada, where he works as a radio host and voice artist, and is passionate about peace-building projects around the world.

Video Editor

Bahadir Bitirim

Bahadir Bitirim is a freelance 3D artist and video editor, and lives in Istanbul, Turkey. He has a BA in Film Studies and over ten years of experience in short-films, interviews, product reviews, and commercials. 


Adriene Cabalinan

Adriene Cabalinan is a humanitarian worker in Southern Philippines and a peace and development scholar at Notre Dame University (Philippines). She previously worked on research, filmmaking, and the production of numerous national television documentaries.


Gale Julius Dada

Gale  Dada is multimedia journalist from South Sudan. He has worked as a reporter, radio producer, and photojournalist for several local and international media outlets. He is currently the producer and presenter of Peace Forum program  on Bakhita Radio 91.0 Fm in Juba.


Ochan Hannington

Ochan is a Peace News Network contributor, based in Uganda.  As a freelance journalist, he was forced to leave his native South Sudan for security reasons and has also worked for MiCT's The Niles.


Mahnoz Jonmahmadova

Mahnoz Jonmahmadova is freelance journalist and video editor based in Washinton DC, USA.


Amanda Menas

Amanda Menas reports for Peace News in Washington, D.C. She has a degree in Political Communication and Human Service & Social Justice (George Washington University).


Michael Ojok

Michael Ojok is a multi-channel reporter based in Gulu district (Northern Uganda). He is interested in humanitarian stories, culture, conflict, peace, environment, health and education.


Nicholas Parkinson

Nicholas J Parkinson is a communications manager with Tetra Tech ARD, covering USAID’s land tenure projects in Colombia. He is a former journalist with more than 10 years of experience reporting and writing in Europe, South America, and East and West Africa. 


Qais Qasim

John Qais Qasim is an Iraqi TV producer, journalist and daily columist based in Baghdad. He is a conributor to Arabic and English talk shows and is passionate about Iraqi political analysis.


Safiya Songhai

Safiya Songhai is an Emmy-Award winning broadcast journalist and filmmaker based in New York City. She has an MFA in Film and Television Production (New York University) and a BA in Mass Communication from Howard University.


Lea Suter

Lea Suter is the founder and peace reporter of PeacePrints and has worked for the think tank foraus (Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy) and for the UN. She holds a Master’s degree in Intercultural Transfer Studies between Russia and Europe.

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