Risky Radio: Stations Band Together in Syria

More than 4 million refugees have fled the country of Syria, following several years of conflict under the Assad regime. But that doesn’t mean that Syrians still in their homeland have lost hope for their country.

Nine radio stations in Syria have united to form Syria Radio Network, an initiative to support independent radio production in the war-torn country. Known as Syrnet, the network provides professional training and outreach opportunities, with the help of the program's sponsor, German organisation MiCT.

Stations such as Sout Raya, Welat FM and Hara FM have joined forces to provide alternative voices for the Syrian people. To help get the word out in difficult circumstances, MiCT has created a Pocket FM micro-transmitter, which ensures that Syrnet can be aired across the country.

One of most popular programs is a talk show called Alternatives, which tackles the problems Syrians face in everyday life and offers ideas to combat them.

The Syrnet mixed, live programme is available at 97.2 FM in northwest Syria and on 98 FM in Al Qamishli, via Satellite on Nilesat or on www.syrnet.org.

Check out also the Syrnet App on iTunes or Google Play.

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