People Choosing Peace: Nuran (Iraq)

By Mustafa Nader

My name is Nuran, and I am 17 years old.

I am from Mosul, but am a displaced resident in Baghdad now. I know how quickly, and easily, you can lose your home and your city and be displaced for reasons beyond your control.

I lived under the rule of ISIS for one year - it was a dark period of my life, but I survived. I developed myself in the field of writing, and I became editor. I published in some magazines and wrote many articles.

When I come to Baghdad I was afraid of the new life I would find, I expected it to be difficult to co-exist with the Sectarianism going on, because of the media broadcasting ideas that displaced people will face terror and intimidation in the hands of the “other”.

When I arrive in Baghdad I was surprised by the kindness and great sympathy for displaced people from the people of Baghdad, and the amount of friends I made.

Now I am very happy, because I realized how wrong my impression was – it was an idea planted by people who do not want good things for this country.

I can tell you honestly: We are one humane society, and we will stay. We will help, and love, each other.

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