People Choosing Peace: Ali Fadel (Iraq)

By Mustafa Nader

I am Ali Fadel. I work as a taxi driver in Baghdad. My two brothers (Muhammad and Yahya) were killed in the explosion of Karada, inside Al-Layth complex building. They went out to buy a wedding suit but they never returned.

I was sleeping at the time, and woke up to my mother crying and mumbling. The house was tented with sadness and all our neighbors were standing at the door. I knew at this moment I had lost my brothers.

Every day my Mother dies slowly from her grief over them, she is 60 years old, and her hair turned white in the few days after she received the shock.

I work day and night in this taxi to forget, and at the same time to make a living for my family. I hope what happened to me would never happen to any human being.

If there is anyone who holds the responsibility for my brothers’ deaths, it is racism and sectarianism.

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