Kites Raise Hope in Baghdad

By Mustafa Nader

Baghdad has been ranked the worst capital city in the world to live in, but the founders of a kite festival have challenged the title.

The kite-flying festival, called Orshina (أورشينا ), was held in the Abu Nuas Gardens in May, in reaction to the global listing.

Muhammed, a Baghdad citizen, said the festival aims to show a different side of Iraq and the Iraqi people.

"All the world mentions [is] that Iraq is the country of the war, and it is represented as ISIS and bad things - but actually, no - Iraq is represented by life, love, and [all] good things," Muhammed said.

"…Can you see how people love their life, and how they are brave, and how they always choose the best things?” he said.

“My best wishes for my country, and for the whole world."

Over 1000 people attended the festival, and musicians and entertainers performed while organizers launched 365 kites.

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