People Choosing Peace: Dhieu Williams (South Sudan)

By Ochan Hannington

My name is Dhieu Williams. I’m 30 years old. I come from small village of Piol, which is in Jongolei State, South Sudan.

The situation in this country is complex, but one thing is very clear, life for the status quo is getting worse. At the moment the situation almost all over the country is very much characterized by violence, displacement, killings, and cases of rape – and all this has laid heavy burden upon me, personally.

For example, my own brother is a soldier, serving in the government forces, but his monthly salary isn’t enough to take care of himself and his family for one week. It’s also usually irregular payments. Many times I have come in with a helping hand to see his family gets survival supplies they need.

More and more of my relatives are increasingly becoming vulnerable to the hardships, especially economic difficulties. Additionally, the problem of economic crisis perpetuated by the inflation boils down to one word – insecurity. This has made it difficult for businesses to cope. Thus, average citizens pay the price. War must stop.

I wish everyone embraced togetherness, regardless of our tribes, or political affiliations.

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