People Choosing Peace: Regina (South Sudan)

By Ochan Hannington

My name is Regina Gorle. I’m 30 years old. I work in Juba, but am originally from Kajo-Keji, in the state of Central Equatoria.

My state served as safe haven for internally displaced people from many regions of South Sudan, until recently when most of them were forced to enter into the neighboring country, Uganda. Many of my relatives were part of the exodus that is still on-going. Most of them are in refugee settlement camps, where living conditions are dire.

Right now there is widespread insecurity in the state. Most of the areas have become battlefield for the two factions. This seemingly never-ending conflict has caused a lot of suffering to average people. I don’t see an end any time soon, if there are no collective efforts.

Politicians have huge role to play in order to clear all this mess we are in. There needs to be political willingness to settle any differences without the use of guns, but instead through dialogue. Otherwise I believe worse famine, displacement, and economic collapse will happen.

I don’t know when calm will return, to allow normality. But one thing is certain; I believe that in spite of the wide-spread violence in the country, peace will come, because everything has a beginning and an end. There will be an end to this conflict, too.

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