People Choosing Peace: Karima (Afghanistan)

Karima, 45, lost her father-in-law and her home during war in Afghanistan, but she hasn’t let conflict diminish her resilience. A mother of four, Karima and her family had to seek refuge in Pakistan when violence broke out in her village. There they lived in poverty with little access to necessities, such as clean drinking water.

“During the war everything turned upside down,” Karima said.

She returned to Afghanistan, she learned about the NGO Women for Women International through a community leader, and joined one of their year-long training program in Kabul. At the training, Karima learned tailoring and business management skills.

“The lessons I learned here I put into practice in my daily life,” Karima said.

Inspired by what she was learning, Karima decided to begin her own business. She bought two second-hand sewing machines and fabric and start a tailoring business. Now, Karima not only supports her own family but also employs five other women in her neighborhood.

“I have found many good friends: especially one woman, who has become like my sister. She is very kind and I want to be in touch with her forever,” she said.

Now, Karima is not only earning enough to pay for every-day needs, but is also saving money in hopes of expanding her business someday.

“For the last four months the bazaar was good but now I’m looking for new market and new customers,” Karima said.

Photo and story provided by WfWI.