5 Moments of Peace from the Past Year

Today, on the International Day of Peace, we celebrate 5 moments in the last year when peace broke out:

1. A peace deal in Colombia 50 years of civil war in Colombia ended with a peace accord. Now former fighters are being reintegrated and landmines are being cleared.

2. Coming together in the USA After violence in Charlottesville shocked the world, people from both side of the political divide showed solidarity against racism with candle-lit vigils.

3. Cross-border conservation in the Middle East Despite war between Israel and Palestine, three nations (Israel, Jordan, and the Palestine Authority) were all involved in a nature conservation project, working together to protect Barn Owls in border regions.

4. Peace offering between China and India China and India were disputing Himalayan territory, but when an Indian boxer Vijender Singh won a title fight he gave his prize to his Chinese opponent, Zulpikar Maimaitialias, a gesture of peace between the countries.

5. Meeting hate with love in the UK After the Manchester Arena bombing, people came together for One Love Manchester - a concert organized by singer Ariana Grande - to show solidarity against the violence.

Cover Photo: Amanda Voisard/UN