People Choosing Peace: Ambar (Iraq)

By Mustafa Nader

My name is Ambar. The war stole my father from us and forced me to leave school when I was in fifth grade to start working to make a living for my family. I work in the garbage industry; my job is to collect the garbage and put it in the cart, then I throw it away.

Most of my work is in the Shorja area and many shop owners know me and give their garbage only to me, because they know my work is clean and impressive. Sometimes I find very interesting things in the garbage. One time I found a wallet with 18 dollar in it. Sometimes I find broken toys or clothes. I earn 4 dollars a day.

I hope I grow up and make enough money to buy a garbage car to work with. I could never leave my job because I spent my whole life in the garbage business, since I was a little kid. If I earn a lot more money? I shall buy two garbage cars.

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