Marathon for Peace (Baghdad)

Earlier this year, Baghdad residents participated in the second Baghdad Marathon for Peace. Peace News photographer, Mustafa Nader, was there to capture the event.

Part of the Iraqi Civil Society Solidarity Initiative’s program, Sports against Violence, the organizers said they hoped to spread values of non-violence to young people. The idea was launched by a group of Iraqi activists using sport against violence as a tool for community- and peace-building.

More than 1100 people ran together in the streets of Baghdad, nearly 300 of which were women, to say that another Iraq is possible. Local authorities assisted with security clearances and logistical support in preparing for the event. The marathon included three jogging paths; a 3km course for people with limited fitness and the elderly, a 9km track for moderate fitness levels, and a 21km athlete's course.

Marathon coordinators said the concept is to find a common dialogue between participants, unify the efforts of civil society, and plant the seeds of peace in youth culture in Baghdad.

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