9 Peace Initiatives to Watch in 2018

1. Iraq after ISIS

Building peace will now be vital to unite divided citizens in post-ISIS Iraq.

2. Peace Talks between North and South Korea

Recent positive negotiations over the Olympics could open the door to future dialogue.

3. Colombia's Peace Process

After a historic peace agreement last year, keep an eye on reintegrating fighters in Colombia.

4. Repatriation of the Rohingya

A new deal may allow Rohingya to return to Myanmar but reconciliation and peacebuilding will be essential.

5. Reducing Hate Speech

PeaceTech Lab have been developing ways to reduce online hate speech Kenya and South Sudan.

6. Using Sport for Peace

Internally displaced children and local residents are coming together in the Ukraine, thanks to a hockey (and table-hockey) program called ‘Break the Ice’.

7. Facebook Friends

Groups like YaLa, PeaceFactory, and Friends Without Borders are connecting youth, online, across conflict borders, to humanize the "other" side.

8. Women in Afghanistan

Women are forging their own peace using new tech and training to stabilize their communities.

9. Make America Dinner Again

Peacebuilding groups in the USA are bringing people with opposing views together to share food, and respect.

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