People Choosing Peace: Viola (South Sudan)

Viola is from Yambio County, South Sudan. Four months ago, she started volunteering with the Self-Help Women Development Association (SHWDA), which works in five counties affected by the Lords Resistance Army. The organisations involved in this association support women returnees and women affected by conflict through trauma healing and practical help to enable them to re-start their lives.

I think most people are ignorant about the situation in South Sudan. No one really understands the reasons why there is conflict in our country. If you ask somebody ‘why are you fighting’ I’m not sure they would be able to tell you.

I was born in war, and I have never experienced peace. Sometimes I can just sit and cry, because I can’t see how the situation can end. But we have to work towards peace, I will not just sit back.

I used to work in community radio in Yambio. I was a presenter and manager at the radio station, but I would also write and edit the shows. I had my own program discussing human rights, and I have a degree in journalism.

In my future career, I can work in the radio or television, but whatever I am doing, I want to use my skills for peacebuilding.

Women can play a great role in peacebuidling in their communities, and we need to encourage and train more women to talk to people about peace and reconciliation. Peace is possible in South Sudan, and for myself I hope I can do something constructive to help the people of my county.

Photo: Jjumba Martin/Conciliation Resources

Source: Conciliation Resources