Alva Myrdal: A Peacebuilder Ahead of Her Time

Alva Myrdal grew up in rural Sweden with her four siblings, and fought with her mother to attend university (even offering to pay with her own money). Myrdal went on to become one of the most influential social reformers of the 20th century.

Alva Myrdal was ahead of her time. She introduced new ideas on women's roles, social welfare, and refugee rights. She lived through two World Wars and became a diplomat, working at the United Nations, but was best known for her work on disarmament. She led negotiations in Geneva in 1962 in attempts to convince superpowers to disarm and co-founded a Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, SIPRI.

For her efforts, she was awarded the 1982 Nobel Peace Prize her calls for nuclear disarmament still resonate today and she remains one of the most remarkable women.

"I have never, never, allowed myself to give up," - Alva Myrdal