Top 5: Peace Stories to Follow

September 21 is the International Day of Peace – a good day to celebrate news about peacebuilding around the world. Here are 5 important stories to follow:

1. Ethiopia and Eritrea

A historic agreement this year brought an end to a 25-year conflict. Now borders are opening and families are being reunited.

2. North and South Korea

Regardless of how peace talks develop, people from the two sides are reaching out to each other. Groups like the Lindenbaum Festival Orchestra are bringing people together in collaborations.

3. Somalia

New reports show that education is reducing armed-group recruitment here and that kids who attend high school are 48% less likely to support political violence.

4. South Sudan

Progress has been made to bring warring parties to an agreement to end the 5-year conflict that sparked one of the biggest refugee crises.

5. Online

Hate speech online is blamed for fueling violence in many countries but groups like #DefyHateNow have begun media training to identify and resist hate speech.

Peace is progressing all over the world, keep track of it at Peace News Network.

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