People Choosing Peace: US virtual race to support youth in conflict zones

A virtual fundraising event this month across the US is aimed at supporting and connecting youth in conflict zones. Play for Peace has launched Level Up: Race for Humanity 2020, from September 1 to September 30, pivoting to meet COVID-19 restrictions. “After a long summer of staying inside, join Play for Peace for this entirely virtual event that invites participants to get up off the couch to elevate their hearts, minds, and bodies with challenges, activities, and exercises created for individuals and groups of all ages, ending with the big race,” said Sarah Gough, Play for Peace Executive Director.

"Walk, bike, or roll your 2.2K to 20.2K journey, and embrace the new sense of peace within yourself, while inspiring your community and supporting peace around the world." Participants can sign up as an individual, create a team, or join an existing team on the Level Up page. Everyone who registers will receive a digital training toolkit, for home or outside, and can opt in to earn electronic badges. Participants of all ages can complete activities individually or with your classroom, friends, and family following physical distancing guidelines.

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